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The Academy built to keep all races in harmony with each other, question is will you allow it or will you stray off the path and choose your own way?
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 Kozai [WIP]

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PostSubject: Kozai [WIP]   Thu May 07, 2015 8:10 pm

First Middle Last Kozai Rathe Dominus
AGE: ~50,000
ORIENTATION: Every-sexual!
Race: Archdemon

POWER OR BLESSING: The user is capable of bending time, speeding it up, slowing it down, or even freezing it to his will. Any given one of these abilities occurs within 5 meters, except for mass time compression, which allows the user to make time go faster in his reference frame, allowing him to hibernate or wait for even centuries without any massive changes to his body, or fear of boredom (non-combat use only).
Time compression/dilation: The user is able to slow time in the radius (other than himself) up to 1/5 the normal time. This is done at the cost of a D-rank per post.
Accelerated healing: The user can use his time abilities to passively heal twice as fast as he normally would from injuries that he would normally be able to heal from.
Time Freeze: The user is able to freeze time within the radius. This is done at the cost of an A-rank per post.

The range, obviously. Also, objects that the user throws stop immediately after leaving contact with him, due to the time-stop. In essence, this renders all the user's ranged attacks absolutely useless.

When using this ability, the sclera of the user's left eye turns black, and his iris and pupil turn a glowing red.

HEIGHT: 5'10"
EYE COLOR: Brown, unless using power (see above).

MISC: An enormous scar down his spine.

PERSONALITY: Well, although he is indeed an archdemon, Kozai is not among the "cruel" and "sadistic" archdemons, but neither is he one of those who plots and plans the downfall of humanity. Truly, the only beings he really hates are angels and gods, but mostly because of their behavior toward him and his kind, regardless of their varying degrees of evil. However, he finds humans and the like much more accepting. In fact, some people, he has noticed, even go so far as to seek out demons on their own.

SECRET(S): Any secrets your character has that no one (or few) people know about? If there's something you don't want the others to know, you still have to message a staff member about it.

FATHER: Dominus, Malachai
MOTHER: Berenethe, Darklight

History: At least 300+ words 600+ if applied for open limited spots

ADULTHOOD: At least two paragraphs please. (You don't need to fill this out if your character is under 18 years old)

SAMPLE: Show us an example of what you can do! It can be anything, either from this character or another site. Do not use links.
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Kozai [WIP]
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