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 Una Mens {Power}

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Enzeru Metsuki
Enzeru Metsuki

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PostSubject: Una Mens {Power}   Fri May 08, 2015 3:25 pm

POWER OR BLESSING: Una Mens is a power that allows the user to turn another's attack against themselves but at a price. This power came to be through the blessing of gods creating six seeds of power, each seed had one ability and were given to each race to keep hold of for protection. However the ability hidden in the seed was that it would consume the souls as well as the ability of those who died when holding the seed. If all protectors of the seed died the 6th seed or rather known as the first made one which was known as the Origin seed would be powered up and given the ability of all the souls consumed into one. The Origin seed was different from the rest, the others could not be consumed, but this one could. When the seed is consumed it grants the user to reflect another's attack against themselves, deconstruct the attack, or replicating the attack.

This skill can only be unlocked after eating the seed and having a total of 5K for the activation. It can only Reflect, deconstruct, or replicate an attack equal to or less than the Wielder's Mana rank. The skills each have a cool down of 5 posts, and have a duration of two posts. The skills each cost Mana equal to the wielders mana rank minus one.

After activation the wielder has no access to emotions, They loose all memory of who they once were, and after the use of the Una mens is used three times in a topic they get completely drained and pass out mid fight. After each use the una mens causes extreme amounts of headaches causing the users nose to bleed which is why three uses per topic is the max.
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Ray Ignazia
Ray Ignazia

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PostSubject: Re: Una Mens {Power}   Fri May 08, 2015 3:45 pm


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Una Mens {Power}
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