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 Chaos Theory {Power}

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Ray Ignazia
Ray Ignazia

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PostSubject: Chaos Theory {Power}   Fri May 08, 2015 4:30 pm

POWER OR BLESSING: Chaos Theory: This ability gives the user complete control over the energy of any structure, be it in motion or not. Only to be used by gods, this ability not only allows the user to change the state of energy, be it potential, kinetic, or thermal, but also allows the user to create a change in the overall energy and molecular speeds in the object, allowing them to perform either a change in state, change in speed, change in thermal capacity, or even fission in the most capacitive state. Therefore, it allows the user to:
- Change state of energy: Turn kinetic into potential, or thermal, and so on.
- Change overall energy of objects: Decrease or increase any form of energy, be it momentum, or heat.
-Change molecular speeds: Make objects vibrate, reduce vibrations, etc.
-Fission: Create controlled explosions by using a form of energy higher than the binding energy in the molecules, causing them to burst apart in a 40m radius.

- User cannot use this ability directly on player characters.
- This ability must have an equivalent exchange, i.e, if there is a rise in energy in place X, place Y must have a decrease in energy, as the total amount of energy cannot be changed via any means.
- The ability can only take place within a 5m radius around the user.
- Fission requires massive energy, and therefore will require the user to charge up said energy.

- The use of Fission more than once per thread will render the user unconscious directly, as massive amounts of energy will be spent.
- Overuse of changing energy levels will cause the biothermal energy of the user's body to deplete, being fatal, unless the user absorbs heat via reducing the energy of a hot substance.
- Overuse of absorbing latent heat energy will cause the user to combust.

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Enzeru Metsuki
Enzeru Metsuki

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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Theory {Power}   Fri May 08, 2015 4:33 pm

each move needs to be registered as a combat skill but approved
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Chaos Theory {Power}
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