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The Academy built to keep all races in harmony with each other, question is will you allow it or will you stray off the path and choose your own way?
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 Enzeru Metsuki

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Enzeru Metsuki
Enzeru Metsuki

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Element: Darkness
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Enzeru {N/A} Metsuki
FACE CLAIM: Uta-Tokyo Ghoul
AGE: 20
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual
Race: Demon-{hollow varient}Dark-Control Demon {Dark Element}

POWER OR BLESSING:Hollow Variant, is a demon like ability that allows the user to create a mask that forms around their face. This mask allows the user to unlock abilities Such as enhancements to strength, speed, and other various abilities that will be registered as a combat skill each.

Anti-Destruction:The mask can not be destroyed, the mask itself is created from the users Mana to solidify, so if broken it will slowly reform after a long duration of 20 posts. this is reduced by every rank of the user's Mana. {e-20posts, d-18 posts, C- 16 posts, B-14 posts, A 12 Posts, S-10 posts, SS 8 posts}

Enhancements: The mask gives off properties to add enhanced speed and strength. 1 full rank up to Strength and Speed

Hollow Abilities: Hollow is a form of mana that is cast from the mask, there are forms of the mask that can be used. The mask requires an incantation to activate. The abilities will be registered as combat skill but are called Hado-Incantations and can be used through activation of the following modes:

  • Half Mask: This form allows the user to have access to only one ability this will be registered as a combat skill equal to A rank no lower

  • Full Mask: This form allows the user to have access to another follow up ability that will be registered as a combat skill equal to S or SS no lower. When form is learned the user gains a 10 year application to their physical form due to this form needing to advance ten years to learn.

  • Hallow: This form can only be achieved after going through the process of fighting the manifestation of your mask {NPC Staff Fight}, the hallow mode will be active only if the user defeats their manifestation, this ability will also be made as a combat skill with another follow up ability.

Must make a 300+ description of obtaining the mask, 3000+ for Half Mask, 4000-5000+ Full Mask, Defeat manifestation through a Staff NPC fight Mask must be made as a weapon that is Capped at the Rank the user is currently at.
The side effects of the user of the mask is dependent on the form that is accessed.  Through use of the Half mask the user will destroy all that gets in their path in a blind rage without being able to block or dodge any attacks taking them full on.  Full mask user will have full control of the mask and at this point the side effect is gain a 10 year age addition to your character's additional age. {this does not skip the user a grade} Hollow form has the side effect only being able to be used for 10 posts till the mana runs out and the user passes out from mana depletion.

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HEIGHT: Five feet, nine inches
EYE COLOR: Black surrounding his bright red pupils

MISC: Enzeru has several tattoos that cover his hands and arms up to his shoulders creating a complete sleeve on each arm, the tattoos are of variations of tribal and completely black ink.  On his chest over the area of his heart he has a tribal like sun tattoo. Around his neck he has a tattoo of weird lettering of an unknown language that wraps around his neck completely.  Enzeru also is a bit of a fanatic for piercings as he has several. He has his right lip pierced with a 14 gauge surgical steel lip ring.  On his left side of his face next to the right top corner of his eye he has a bar bell piercing of 14 gauge. Each ear bares stretched ears to about 9/18" with a solid bright red plug filling the hole.  above the first stretching on each ear he also has a second stretched hole to about 00gauge of which a solid grey plug filling the hole. on the upper part of each ear he has a 14 gauge surgical steel ear ring looping through with a small barbell in the inside of the ear piercing at a vertical direction of each ear. His nails are also painted a dark jet black and grown out a tad bit to look like claws, this is the demon trait he caries with his red like eyes.

Enzeru Metsuki   QWEZvv9

  • -Hatred- Enzeru bares a deep hatred for all things that are holy.  Unfortunately for him he is the grandson of a Holy man. It is rather odd how his Father was the priest of the school.  His grandfather was no priest he was demon. . .or at least to him he was, unfortunately for Enzeru he found out the hard way that his grandfather who was the founder of Midnight Academy was in fact his adoptive grandfather.  Meaning he was not related to the grandfather which would account for the grandfather being a priest and Enzeru being a demon.  After he found out about this he made it his goal to forever hate those of Holy powers as they lie.

  • -No-Shits Given- Enzeru had a habit of not caring for anyone around him.  Ever since he was a child he would kill animals and even young children and not care about the consequences. Enzeru acts before thinking and this gave him his ability of the Hollow Variant Power.  Enzeru does not care about anyone or any living being that walks the face of the academy or the planet as he completely just despises all.

The only secret that Enzeru caries is that he thirsts for power and will never stop till he has it.

Enzeru Metsuki   VLgxkiI
FATHER: Mokuba, Izaki {deceased}
MOTHER: Misa, Izaki {deceased}
WORTHY MENTIONS: Headmaster Izaki

As a child he lived a hard life, his mother and father died when he was born. It is unknown on the reason why they died but they did. Enzeru has reason to believe it was demons that killed his parents but his grandfather denies it or puts the question off to the side all the time. He was mostly raised by his grandfather Izaki, at this time he would be 61 years old though because of the spell on the school with him not being able to leave and that it was rather odd he held the appearance 17. Izaki knew he could not raise Enzeru properly due to being cooped up in the school. Instead Izaki sent Enzeru to be taken in by a family of demons in hope that he could sympathize with their race. His Race

Growing up Enzeru was fine with living with the demons, though he was the only child. He was raised properly they were nice and very understanding about him being human, least he thought he was human. The only thing he really didn't like was they loved to smoke. He hated the stench of the smoke, as he grew up he began to inhale it even more than often. When the day he confronted the demons on them smoking they decided to finally show their true purpose. They first told Enzeru to piss off and that he was a weakling human, when really he was a demon himself, and as such he should just get over it or die. This frustrated Enzeru, of which in suspense Enzeru killed the parents. Later he would find out that he himself was a demon. He wondered why these demons lied to him.

When this was done, he felt ashamed and even annoyed that his grandfather lied to him about who he was.  He would simply make a promise that at this point he would get as much power as he could and slay his grandfather for lying to him and he would kill all that got in his way.  He would then make his appearance at the Midnight Academy.  First he would train his ability so that he could learn how control his ability so when the time came he would be able to kill his "Grandfather".  This was his path, the path of the demon.

It wasn't long till Enzeru enrolled into Midnight Academy to later thirst for knowledge which would lead to power.  He wanted to take over his grandfather's power and he wouldn't stop till he could.  As he enrolled years would pass by as he was soon appointed Junior in his class.

Enzeru Metsuki   ZngeWBG
The setting takes place in a land completely coated in a mist like substance.  The ground full of mildew on the grass that grows from if due to the concentration of water being formed from the air.  Vast large bodies of water can be seen on both sides of the island.  It was rather hard to tell how deep each bodies of water traveled downwards towards making it rather unfathomable.  With signs of plant life that grows in this weather, it felt like the place gave the impression of peace and tranquility.  Sakura flowers of pink and red rosemary colored petals would float amongst the waters blowing with the wind in the direction of what ever way it would carry them across the vast bodies of water.  A giant tree off to the left would also be seen with bright pink and red rosemary colored sakura flowers growing for it, if there was a clear view of the sun the flowers would give off bright pink and red like light off from the flowers to the ground.  Unfortunately the the sun was hidden amongst the mist which in turn produced a rather cool like temperature possibly around brief winds blowing through of maybe sixty to sixty-five degrees fahrenheit.  

The place seemed to be rather calm but only time could tell.  This cool peace and tranquility that formed through the air seemed to be rather brief, who knew what people might inhabit it ruin the atmosphere of the place. This place seemed to be a rather nice place to do some deep meditation.  A place to practice ones own mentality of state to remain completely calm cool and collected and be one with the winds that blow through the land.  Not far off in the distance seemed to bare a rather old man standing before the waters with a fishing rod in his hand with his line already cast midway into the waters.  Odd what was the purpose of that old man being there?  He was in a black like garb, showed no signs of being a ninja in fact he seemed to be just a village fisherman going about fishing for his meal for the night.  Farther off in the distance near the entrance of the place to walk into the island surrounded by bodies of water, a rather odd looking male would be seen walking into the area.

With him he bore a strange appearance, in fact his appearance was odd in general.  He had white wraps completely covering his body from his head to his toe, the only that was visible through that vast amounts of white wrapping around his body were tiny eye slits that revealed his rather bright blood colored eyes.  The eyes actually seemed to glow through the mist giving the fog a tint of red hue added to them.  The male seemed to not look very threatening other than the fact he carried a sword on his back that seemed to be garbed in blue like scales that seemed almost dragon like.  Following in his foot steps another rather odd looking male could be seen.  His appearance, however, was very distinguishable.  His body was completely coated in a ghost like white color he seemed to blend in well with the mist.  He also seemed to have white like spikes poking out from both sides of his body each in the same area opposite from each other from his upper shoulders near the middle.  His bright green eyes and hair, however, did not glow in the mist like camouflage that he seemed to carry with him each step.

They both would quietly walk into the area, the old man fishing seemed to not even notice or even care that the two were even present in the current area.  In fact it seemed like both parties couldn't even notice each other, well at least for now that is.  The male covered in wraps would look around the area before taking a stance.  Was he about to fight someone, what was the point of this, surely the old man would be upset with him for creating such a huge racket right? Didn't seem like he cared because he would go to punch the male blending in with the mist due to his coloration, though he would let out a rather loud noise of notification that he was going to attack, however, to his dismay he would be stopped mid punch as the old man had conked him over the head with a fishing rod. What that hell? Did he really just use his fishing rod as a weapon to attack him? That was a rather gutsy thing to do, this in return would cause the male in wraps to grunt in annoyance and drop his fist.

"Hey, who the hell just hit me?!"  He would turn around to look and see his assailant.  His eyes would widen as he would notice it was a rather old looking old man, this made little to no sense, what the hell was going on?  Why did this man decide to him him with a fishing rod, the male who was completely covered in white wraps would let out yet another grunt of annoyance before he spoke yet another time. "Hey gramps what gives, do you want to die?"  The old man would simply laugh at the male, the male would blink a couple times before looking annoyed. He didn't seem to like his laughing at him, he would extend his arm as if he was about to grab the old man's shoulder, he would teach him a lesson by ripping off his arm.  Suddenly the old man would spin the fishing rod to the side smacking the male to the side of his neck which in turn hooked itself into the back of the wraps the male was wearing, suddenly with a heave and ho, the male went flying towards the water and the old man seemed to cast him into the water laughing like he did before.  

The male coated in white would simply just stand there lifeless as he witnessed the whole event.  What just happened, how did that old man lift up the male and toss him into the water, better yet how did the fishing rod withstand the weight of a normal human being?  This made no sense. Finally the old man would look at the male coated in white before he spoke.
 "Tell me sunny, is he always so rude and impatient?" It was at this time that male coated in the pale white color would speak before giving a bit of a smirk. "What can I say, the boy is a bit of a hot head, all he wants is power." The old man would look at the one covered in white and smile before laughing again. "Ho ho ho, power eh? Well if it's power he wants I have a few pointers I can give him. . .Oh? Seems like I got a bite." Suddenly from underneath the water ripples would form from the top before a male would be seen jumping out from it looking to be rather in pain as he has a fish biting him on his buttocks.

He would then land on the water with a blue like hue underneath his feet of which allowed him to stand on top of the water's surface.  He would reach for the fish as he would throw it at the old man.  He was not thinking clearly obviously as the old man decided to pull the line forward with the hook still hooked into the now water draped white wrappings, he went flying backwards with the pull.  The old man would hold out his hands as a sudden blast of purple colored air bubbles would be sent flying at the fish in numbers of five which would implode against the fish causing it to rupture and explode itself.  Next up was taking care of the male now flying at the old man from the pull of the rod, he would simply lift his left and let it fly down, and due to the timing the kick would send the male straight into the ground head first.  The kick wasn't that strong so it didn't do that much damage it just left his head into the ground.  The old man would laugh again before speaking.
"Ho ho ho, quiet full of rage are we, now how will I be able to pass on my knowledge of air?"

The old man would pull the rod up as the hook released itself from the back of the male's wrappings.  He then would form hand signs of which he would take two fingers point them around the male now head in the ground.  Suddenly an air bubble would form around the male before instantaneously lifting him of the ground slowly but surely. The male completely caught in disarray just sat there as he was being carried in a bubble like prison that seemed to be full of oxygen.  He would just look at the old man as he would just sit in the bubble in lotus formation.  "Hey gramps, how the hell are you doing this?" The old man would laugh before removing his pointing fingers from the male covered in wraps, once done this the bubble would pop completely which would send him flying downwards into the ground.  The male would simply notice this causing himself to adjust his momentum to land on the ground without having a single scratch against himself.

"This is called Air Release, it is an ancient chakra nature. . .or rather it is a combination of wind and wind chakra. By the looks of your surprise you would like to learn it yes? Ho ho ho" The old man would laugh as the one in wraps was not amused, however it was an interesting skill he was very curious on the power, this in turn caused him to ask about it's capabilities. "What exactly is Air Release gramps?"  The old man would walk over as he took out his fishing rod before striking his head downwards.  The thump sound would be heard as the male would just look at the old man with annoyance. The old male would laugh again before speaking. "Ho ho ho, you must be quiet and at peace.  First you must learn how to meditate."  The male in wraps would look at the old man with annoyance yet again before speaking. "Meditation, you mean you get this ability from just sitting! WHAT NON. . .HEY OW WHAT THE HELL?!" The fishing rod thud sound came again as it knocked him once again, it was at this one point that the male coated in white colored flesh would laugh at the situation.  The male in wraps would look at him glaring with his red eyes as if he was going to kill him.

The male in white would quickly shut up and once again look lifeless.  The old man would look at the male before speaking again.
"Quiet you, now sit and meditate!"  The male would sigh as he rubbed the top of his head and sat in a lotus pose as he had his hands placed together overlapping each finger in each webbing of the hand except for the index and middle fingers which were extended.  He would close his eyes and try to meditate.  The old man would laugh again before turning around to pull back his fishing rod then releasing it into the water.  The second the line fell in the water the ripples of water would be heard for the male to hear, this would annoy him. Was he fishing instead of teaching him, he would try to sneak a peak as the old man would take a stick from the ground and smack him upside the head with it, his line still cast in the water.  "Meditate, do not pay attention, ho ho ho" The male would simply grunt and once again try to meditate it would be at this time the old man would begin to speak about the description of Air Release.

"Air Release is an ancient advanced chakra nature which combines wind and wind chakra nature to cause a suction effect instead of a release of wind.  This chakra nature requires one to clear their minds before they can fully tap into the understanding of the air. With this chakra nature you can cut off oxygen and distribute it as well as condense it to work like an explosion, it also gives in animate objects the ability of flight." He would continue to look straight into the water as his line was still in the water.  As this was going on the male would begin to focus wind chakra into his body slowly, but to his dismay again a thud against his head.  The old man would speak once again. "No you must meditate first before you decide to focus wind chakra into wind chakra, Ho ho ho." The male would just sit there, what the hell was he supposed to do? He was so confused, then suddenly the male would hear the old man speak yet again.  "Ho ho ho, you will know you are ready to focus wind into wind when you clear your mind of all goals you wish to have, picture nothing and listen to the ways of the wind let that carry you."

So he was supposed to listen to the current of the winds and forget all that was on his mind, how hard was that supposed to be?  The male would simply delve deep into his mind, what was he thinking about right now? Suddenly an over flow of insanity would take over his thoughts.  Destruction and chaos was what he was seeing, he had to clear his mind of this? How was that even remotely possible?  He would have to think of a certain way of doing that.  He would start to think in his mind, was it possible to seal his memories away for a brief moment until he learned this chakra nature?  He would try to listen to the sounds of the wind but all he could hear was the sounds of fires being created and screams and cries of several innocent civilians.  This was rather ridiculous how was he to rid his thoughts completely.  The old man would simply just stand there his eyes closed as he was smiling peacefully as his line began to be pulled downwards into the water.  Seemed like he got a bit on the line.

The old man would lift his rod out from the water pulling up a shark from the water.  The hell?! Where did that shark come from, also how was this racket helping out the male who was trying to meditate.  Suddenly the male seemed to be deep into thought as all he could hear were wind currents.  Well this was interesting, suddenly a thud of a dead shark would be smashed down right next him catching him to jump up in shock.  
"HEY GRAMPS WHAT GIVES WHY THE HELL DID YOU!" The old man would turn around as the fishing rod was swung down again striking him again on top of his head.  "Quiet, if you can't deal with the outside noises then this chakra nature is not for you.  Now sit down and meditate!"  The male would sigh before he sat down in lotus pose once again forming the same hand sign again. Followed by this action he would close his eyes before taking a deep breath and exhaling and diving deep into his thoughts again.

The old man would look at the male before he turned around again casting the line once again into the water which sunk in causing little ripples till all became still and silent.  The male would begin to be deep into thought again, suddenly he would begin to hear the sounds of the air currents through area.  Was he finally achieving the chakra nature? Suddenly the old man would do the same thing he did with the shark once again this time with a fish which happened to be dead and aimed directly for the male.  The fish would land directly in the lap of the male, the male seemed to still be trying to focus on the air.  It seemed to work as he had not even noticed the fish that landed right onto his lap.  Odd, though at least he was getting the process of the meditation.  Suddenly the old man would pull the same trick which in turn yet again would stack a fish on top of the lap of the male.  Unfortunately, the male felt the fish this time.  He was feeling annoyed but he would just continue focusing or at least try to.  The old man would smile as he pulled the rod back which would be sent flying towards the water yet again.

Oddly enough the male didn't seem to hear the cast or the splash of water, everything was still. All he seemed to be able to hear was the wind flowing through the air of the area. Suddenly his body began to to glow a grey color as wind began to flow around his body. The old man would turn around intrigued as he started to smile and laugh yet again.  The wind current seemed to spin in the same direction as it always did till something odd happened next. It seemed as a second pressure of wind was added onto the wind current which seemed to fight with the direction of the rotation which in turn caused it to rotate the opposite way it was previously turning.  The current began to expand around his body which would begin to conceal from the top of the current as if acting like a dome of air.  Suddenly the male would begin to loose his concentration as his oxygen was being cut out from him. The old man would just send his fishing rod to pierce through the current knocking the male on the head which would stop the current all together.

The male would then break out in a coughing fit. He would look at the old man with rage.
"What the hell. . .I THOUGHT YOU WERE TEACHING ME HOW TO USE THIS NATURE NO TEACHING ME TO KILL MYSELF!" Suddenly the fishing rod would fly downwards again and strike him once again.  "Ho ho ho, you simply were thinking that yourself, you must calm yourself. . .always so angry.  You can't calm a storm can you? No, so you must flow one with it.  Once you do that then you will have mastered this element."  The old man would turn around again, then he would think to himself before smiling. "Ho ho ho, hear let me try something out" Without a moment of warning the old man pulled back his rod as the hook would sink into the back of the wraps of the male once again.  He would draw his line forward again with his extreme strength he showed the last time but instead of completely tossing him into the water the old man would hover him over the water.  "Now meditate, Ho ho ho." The male would look shocked as he was hovering over the water what was the old man up to.

The old man would smile before he would talk
"You see if you break out in a fit of loosing oxygen I can just dunk you in the water each time allowing you to snap out of it.  Oh and I get a laugh out of dunking you win win, Ho ho ho" The male would look at the old my annoyed before yelling "HEY LISTEN I AM NOT YOUR PL. . ."Before he could finish sentence he would be sent deep into the water before being brought back up before coughing out water and looking annoyed.  Yet again he was drenched in water. . .how typical. The male would just sit the annoyed before he decided to sit atop the water in lotus position as he formed the hand sign before.  He would focus on his mind once more as ripples of water would begin to form then the water began to tear apart.  Finally as the second application of wind was added to the nature causing it to rotate the other direction again.  Once again the air would expand , this would begin to cause the water to fly up as the chakra nature began to speed at rapid pace starting to form a dome.  The dome began to slowly close, the old man would catch heed of this before he would push his rod forward causing the male to drop into the water once again.  He would pull up the rod as the male came out once again drenched.

What the hell was he doing wrong? He had to focus on being one with the air than fighting against it? How the hell was he going to do that? It didn't help that he kept getting dunked in the water. What was he doing wrong.  Perhaps he was simply over thinking it.  All he had to do was clear his mind, not think at all. Finally the next step was to listen to the current of the wind.  Perhaps he was following the rotation of the wind and not air itself.  Maybe that was it.  He would sigh before he sat back down in Lotus position forming the hand signs yet again.  This time instantly he would catch the current of the wind rotating which caused rippling in the water at an increased speed faster than before.  Before the wind current change to rotate the direction of the air release he would change his hand signs to where his thumbs would extend out his index fingers would bend and connect next each other, middle fingers would extend out fully upwards, the ring fingers would extend downwards and the pinkies would extend upwards completely. Once this hand sign was formed the air would rotate the opposite direction the wind rotated at.  The air would pick up the water mid way up in the air before being stuck midway.  

Instead of forming a dome the air would rotate into a large gigantic column of grey air rotating at a fast speed.  He would then open up his eyes, he did it he kept it still and was able to be one with Air what was next?  
"Ho ho ho, good now you need to learn how to be able to access it while in motion.  Now then boy, come on and fight me!"  The old man wanted to fight the male? What nonsense was this. . .this made no sense. . .Well alright then.  The male would sigh as he cracked his neck stand up. As he did so the the column would wall and with it so too did the water which in return sent him under the body of water he was standing on.  As the waters grew still something was odd.  The old man would pull the rod up but instead of the male coming with it, it was only an empty hook. . .where was the male?  Suddenly from the other side of the island the male would jump out form hand signs before breathing inwards then released a poison mist from his mouth.  The old man would smile as he would suddenly form hand signs as well then point at the poison mist which a giant air bubble would form around it capturing that poison fog.  He then would send his fishing hook forwards which would clip into the bubble without popping and and would swing the bubble before releasing it into the male's face.  

Caught off guard the poison embedded bubble would pop and the male would inhale all the toxins.  He would soon fall to the ground coughing.  He would focus closely forming wind chakra into his right palm then wind chakra nature in his left palm causing wind currents into his palms as he clapped his hands together the air element started to form.  He would run at the old man with the air element inside his clapped palms.  He would rush at him as he would expand his palms and the air chakra would disperse but have a violent effect sending the male flying backwards.  What the hell?
"Ho ho ho, I told you, can't fight the storm. When you are moving try to do it with your mind clear of everything like you did while sitting still."  The male would sigh, how the hell was he supposed to do that while in mid battle.  He would have to watch how the old man would do it.  So in order to watch he would have to fight the old man with what he had, but he had to be careful not kill him.  He would grunt before running towards the male he would go in for a punch towards his head and chest at the same time using full blunt force.  Unfortunately for him the old make would put one palm up which would fire five pink air bubbles. . .wait those are familiar.  Hold up! SHIT! The male would have to be careful.  He would form hand signs before the bubbles bursted he would use a substitution jutsu which formed smoke to take it's place as he appeared behind him.

Time to attempt to rip off his arm. . .He would form hand signs though nothing seemed to happen.  What the hell? Suddenly he would extend his hand as if he was reaching to grab his shoulder. The old man would smile as he would would form hand signs then place his finger on his head before extending it out at the male.  Suddenly a dome of air would form around the male compressing the air at high amounts of pressure releasing a high pitch screech in his ears. He would double over in pain as he would place his hands on the dome as the chakra from the dome would be consumed into his hands then reverted outwards causing the dome to shatter. He would crack his neck as would shake his hands.  Well this wasn't going to work. He would spin and rotate his body as his leg would fly forward heading towards the old man's head. The old man would swing his fishing rod hooking the hook into his wrappings around his footing. Suddenly he would twist the rod sending the male to fly into the ground then he would spin it again releasing the hook and smacking the butt of the rod onto the man's head.  He has a knack for beating the crap out of the male. Good lord this old man was experienced in combat.

Hold on he was calm cool and collected, maybe that was all it took was to be calm cool and collected.  The male would sigh as he relaxed his muscles instead of tensing them like he always did.  He would strike forward at a fast pace, the old man would try the five pink bubble juts again as the male would simply relax his muscles and move past the bubbles as they exploded behind him.  He would sigh as he took a deep breath. Twisting his body he would rotate his palm striking forwards. The old man would slide his fishing rod downwards as it took the blow from the palm sending him sliding a little bit against the ground hitting the edge of the water. The old man would smile before he would flip the fishing rod, twist it then it would wrap around the pole as he placed it on his back. He would clap smiling. "Ho ho ho, good job my boy good job indeed.  You will need some work but you have successfully learned Air Release chakra nature.  Hear take this." He would then throw a scroll white colored that had the kanji symbol for air written on it.
"That there is the list of jutsu used for Air Release and their variants, skills, and information on them.  I can no rest in piece my boy."

Hold up rest in peace? Was the old man not alive?  No wait he was very much real? Right?  The old man would smile as he decided to step on the water.  Incredible he knew how to walk on water. Suddenly he would begin to walk off in the distance before he faded off before the male's very eyes.  Who was that old man?  Well turns out that old man used to be a rather well known Mist village ninja at the time, he knew the ancient secrets of Air Release but he had no successor to pass it onto because his family and loved ones were killed.  He used to be called the ninja of the fishing hook because he tended to fight with a fishing hook that some how had the ability to fuse with his Air release style without disturbing the air rotation.  The rod itself could also withstand a blow of massive amounts of chakra.  It was a very strong fishing rod indeed.  Before the old man left the area, the male could see off in the distance that the man dropped the rod into the body of the water.  He would turn around real quick before falling himself. If you were up close you could say that he died of a heart attack, but probably from over exertion of chakra from the battle.  Poor guy, but the male respected him.  As he saw this all happen he would sigh as he cracked his neck before running and diving straight into the body of water.  He would swim deep into the water looking for the rod. . .hold up no grab the old man and give him a proper burial then go for the fishing rod.

The male would start swimming toward the old man as he grabbed him he would begin to grab him and lace his arms around the male's neck.  He would begin to swim towards the island. He had a good idea for where to bury the old man.  He would sigh as he continued to swim towards the island surrounded by the water.  He would finally jump onto the the island before walking over to the tree that was covered in sakura flowers.  He would look at the white male who was just standing there the whole time. What a lazy mother fucker.  
"Zetsu dig. . ." The white male known as zetsu would walk over to the tree as he would begin to dig with his hands into the ground next to the tree.  He would dig deep enough to place the body of the old man.  They would then cover the old man's body with dirt completely covering up the hole.  The male would sigh again, now he had to go grab the rod. He would run and dive into the water once more.  This water deep so he had to be careful not to drown.  He would swim deeper and deeper into the body of water till he could see nothing but darkness.  He would thing of something smart, suddenly he would form hand signs as his wraps began to glow from underneath in a form of yellow star aligns.  His speed would pick up through the water as he swam deeper and deeper.  He felt something at his feet.

He would grab the what ever was at his feet which seemed to be rather solid.  He would then pull it out from where it was stuck. He was running out of oxygen so he had to be careful.  After removing whatever was in the ground he decided to take his chances and hope this was the fishing rod.  He would then book it for the surface of the water for air.  He was running out of oxygen, almost there. . .almost. . .HE MADE IT. The male would surface his head out of the water taking a deep breath in. He would breath heavily, he almost died for trying to get something that may or may not be the fishing rod from the bottom of the ocean.  He had to see if he got the fishing rod or not, by now the glowing on he back would fade as he surface.  Lifting up his arm to see what he was holding in his hands he would lift his arm out of the water finally revealing that what was in his hand was indeed the fishing rod.  The fishing rod was just a regular fishing rod pole with the line wrapped around it.  He would grab hold of it tightly as he same for the surface of the island. Still winded, it would take some time before he got to the Island of which took a bit to climb onto.  He would roll over and lie there on his back.  He would look at the one he called Zetsu before speaking.
"Zetsu heal. . ." The one known as Zetsu would walk over to the male before placing his hands on his chest of which a green like hue would form around his body.

Zetsu would continue standing there as the green energy would flow from his hands onto the male covered in wraps who now held the fishing rod in his hands.  He would sigh as the green energy finally completed it's course the male would take a deep breath before kicking himself up onto his feet.  He would sigh as he took the fishing rod and placing it behind his back. He would crack his neck sighing.  As he now have a dragon scaled sword and fishing rod on his back.  He would stretch as he looked around for a bit he noticed a rocks nearby the edge of the island he would grab them as he formed them around the grave site of the old man.  He would sigh as he then looked at the one named Zetsu.
"Zetsu, let's go we are done here.  Time to go back to the village hidden in the mist and see if Lord Mizukage has any work for us to do."  He would begin to walk towards the entrance taking his leave. With him came the one named Zetsu and the Fishing rod that was named Ea-Asari.  The day seemed rather productive, what started off as a day to train and spar lead to the discovery of something new and ancient.  He learned the new chakra nature of Air Release as well gained respect for an old man who actually was good at kicking his ass with a fishing rod.  Oh he also got the fishing rod.

As the sun began to set so too did the Sakura tree, the petals would wilt and disappear right then and there.  The island then began to become desolate and the water became drained and and the water dissipated.  At the bottom of the bodies of water that were once there stood a memorial site that had a stone with the name of some mysterious person's name.  Kazuto Tenkuu, the ninja of the fishing hook.  On the grave stone was the mist village symbol embroidered onto the head of the stone.  In the middle of the grave was a spot that was deep enough for an item to be placed into it however the item was no where to be found and had a black gap there instead. Sitting atop the grave stone was a rather young male who with a pipe in his mouth fully lit and a fishing rod slung over his shoulders.  He wore a rice rat over his head of which bore the mist village symbol on it.  As the sunset began to fade so too did the young male and the bodies of water would form once again and the land would take life again as the tree came back along with the alignment of the the stones that circled the the grave site of the dead man.  Though words were written on the grave. 'Good luck, may you be be one with the air'. Suddenly the wind would blow through the area wiping out the message on the grave site.  Next day came and the land was back to it's natural peaceful state like before this time no more old man fishing.  How sad. . .

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Approved. Happy RPing!

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