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PostSubject: Psycometry   Psycometry Icon_minitimeSat May 16, 2015 12:11 pm

POWER OR BLESSING: Psycometry - The ability to see the past and/or future of an object the user is in direct contact with. The user can control when this power activates. If the user is an adept visual learner, he/she can even acquire new skills from watching a memory. The power also allows the user to see one pivotal moment in a person's past if he/she chooses to do so. The user cannot control which memory it is and is forced to relive the memory through the person's own perspective, making it hard to decipher and unclear.

LIMITATIONS: The user cannot control whether they see the future or the past. Neither can they control which part of the past/future they see, only an important memory that the object was involved in. Also, the user is forced to remain still whilst a memory is being relived. The skill is useless in battle since it leaves the user vulnerable.

SIDE-EFFECTS: Use of this ability disorientates the user for a few seconds after use and often leaves he/she with a headache. Whilst being used the wielder's eyes glow with blue flames, along with the pupil dilating until it can barely be seen. Overuse of Psycometry can render the user unconsciouss due to mental strain.
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