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 Akame Fujiwara

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PostSubject: Akame Fujiwara   Akame Fujiwara Icon_minitimeFri May 08, 2015 2:59 pm

Akame Fujiwara 29osfaf

Akame Fuijiwara
FACE CLAIM: Touhou - Hijiri Byakuren
AGE: 48 (Appears and Behaves as 16)
GENDER: Female
Race: Water Elemental

POWER OR BLESSING: Blessing of the Calm Waters (Learning Blessing)
Blessed is the one that descends from water, the user is granted a clear and focused mind, perfect for whatever task she might try to accomplish on hand. With this blessing comes the gift of understanding and learning, halving the time for the user to learn a new set of weaponry.

The blessing is limited to only themselves and cannot be distributed by the user in any way, though it can be taken or copied from an outside force. To utilize the blessing, the user must be like the personification of water itself. If focus is lost or emotion runs rampant than all effects of the blessing is lost.

The influence of this blessing also puts strains on the user's mind and often leads to tiredness.

Akame Fujiwara Qi7uNA7
HEIGHT: 5'4"
HAIR COLOR: Purple on top that fades into light brown. Also changes fully from top to bottom into a brilliant blue when exposed to water.
EYE COLOR: Hazel Eyes changes to Sapphire Blue Eyes when exposed to water.

MISC: Akame wears a variety of casual clothes and dresses, but next any sort of pants or shorts due to the volatile nature of her transformations. She would always have a pair of headphones on hand pumping out loud heavy metal music. Her body is capable of operating on land, but requires constant intake of water. She could easily be found with a large gallon jug or water tank on her back (for longer trips). If she is exposed to water suddenly and unexpectedly her legs merge and turn into fins, giving her the appearance of becoming a mermaid like creature. A gradient of blue scales ranging from light to dark blue lines her fins.

Akame Fujiwara QWEZvv9
Akame takes on the general nature of her element, often resolving to be a calm and collected young girl. It is to the point that she is almost mellow even when listening to hardcore heavy metal music. She is not easily irked or for that matter to get any large amounts of emotions on her face. She is also generally seen with a content, partial smile even when under great stress. This has made her seem almost apathetic in most people’s eyes. It doesn't help that she yawns quite often and puts her head down in class (which others take for her being bored of school or some form of another as laziness).

In all honesty, she is a very self-conscious girl that worries about what other people think about her. This is the reason she keeps her peaceful demeanor and also her mouth shut. She heavily believes that once a word escapes the mouth it can never be taken back. However that does not mean she is shy, quite the opposite, often finding herself approaching others for even the most simplistic and boneheaded reasons. Due to her more self-conscious side, in the end she might not even tell others her name, unless asked, if she feels as though she left a bad impression. If one manages to get past this hurdle, she can actually open up far more than what her first impression entails. Her expressions become less formulaic and bigger than before, showing her more expressive nature outside of calm reservation.

Akame is naive, she truly believes in the more positive traits of people. With all that said she is also not the complete and utter goodie-two-shoes type of person. She does not go out of the way to help other people, although she is respectful to others generally speaking (just don’t give her a reason to think otherwise). She would go out of her way for those she cares for. This has given her a more enigmatic nature of who she is. Yet it isn’t more obvious to the girl herself, understanding that her place in the world is to see how the world changes. She has no great driving force in her life but to enjoy or experience what others have done. To herself, her very being is to exist.

SECRET(S): Akame keeps the details of her race under wraps, especially how their life cycle works.

Akame Fujiwara VLgxkiI
FATHER: Maeda, Fujiwara
MOTHER: Kano, Fujiwara
WORTHY MENTIONS: Mae - a Dolphin she befriended years ago.

Well to begin, when a mother elemental really loves another and they soon decide to make a family… It becomes quite different and difficult especially concerning Akame’s group of elementals. Her existence came to being when her mother, Saya, extracted a portion of her very essence and began to cultivate it. Unlike the normal reproduction between humans, she was born from a portion of her mother’s very being. What her father gave to her was his care for her. For her to exist as a female she gained far more characteristics from her mother. It helped that her mother drew from a portion of herself. Her body was constantly submerged in water, slowly growing.

Unlike the regular growth rate of others, she was forced to grow in a sleep like state. During this incubation period she was completely unaware of anything, not even the slightest change around her. Even if her very life was sniffed out in a moment’s notice she wouldn’t have noticed a thing at well. She almost appears dead if not for the occasional rise and fall of her chest. It wasn’t until her body matured after 10 years did she first experience the world.

At the time of awakening her body was as mature as that of a five year old human. Her mind was just as developed, quickly grasping new knowledge (simple ones) and with the air of an inquisitive creature. She wondered what the world was like, often mesmerized by even the simplistic mechanisms. Of course that didn’t always lead to understanding. However time was short, she was only awake for one year before another incubation period occurred.

During the time she was awake, she is incapable of growing as a being, at least not physically. So back into further time within darkness and, this period longer than before, her body slowly developing until she gained the body of a ten year old. With a more developed body, came a more developed mind. Yet that also meant she had quite a bit of catching up to. Her parents had to teach her the human language. It took at the very least a year to get her at par or at least understanding enough.

Now that she was awake, the world had already moved on. It was quite surprising for her to see such new sites. At the time her family had moved into the United Kingdom. As far as she was concerned it was a complete change in territory compared to that of United States at the time. This was also the time she learned that she was not like those around her. It was quick and quite painless for her to realize the fact. Of course it led to quite a bit of teaching from her mother and father but she took it all in strides, at the very least it didn’t sink in like they would have thought. Instead what they taught her or told her of the truth became part of her worst fears.

After a year had passed and she was still awake, it finally hit her quite hard. It was only 1993 at the time but she feared how many more years she will lose. So she searched for the most abnormal ways to stay awake, even developing a love towards the metal movement in her past. She even wished she could have experienced it firsthand years ago. Of course her parents found out quickly and tried to teach her the point of why she must go through these periods of growth.

She was reluctantly forced to accept this, even though the idea had traumatized her so deeply. In the end she simply tried her best to keep up with the world. Of course it was difficult and she saw that her mother had trouble as well. It created a sort of pity not just for herself but the woman as well. It seemed to run in the family that there was an inability to keep up with the developments of the humans. From her mother though, she also learned to take things in strides. Sure it took them forever to learn how to do things but when they did, it stuck with them even when out of practice. So in turn she learned to develop skills that will be useful in the long run.

As of now, she tried to fit in like her parents had recommended. Yet she was not allowed to interact with other children due to her inability to control her form when exposed to water. So there were always limits to her communication. This she knew had a good reason but only through empty words. Of course she had to follow these rules but she couldn’t help but miss others. Even another person who appeared her age and interacted with her briefly for an hour would soon have a place in her heart. Of course her mind soon connected with her life cycle and she was forced to kill the idea of ever having someone close. This is what developed into a rather thin wall but a barrier nonetheless.

Even when her English was developing slowly, she began to learn two other languages at the same time. Language does take a long time to develop but she thought they would be useful. They did not change as quickly as say, technology. So she tried to learn an Asian language such as Japanese and then another like Latin. As for the purpose of Latin, well that was because a little birdie had told her that learning this particular language will help her learns others faster. This plays an integral part later on as she enters her next incubation period.

It wasn’t until 2003 did she fall asleep again, now for the longest period of time than compared to before. Before she realized it, she was to awaken with her family stationing themselves in Japan. At the time, it was desperate for her family. The destruction had a heavy toll on their living standards and they only wanted what was best for their daughter. Before she even cleared her first yawn, they shipped her to a new school. They gave her little warning as they usually did, telling her to practically fend for herself and that the students were simply “different”. They even said they didn’t mind her interacting with others as much as she wanted. For them it was a drastic change from the usual structure but they had no other choice. Survival was difficult and this was the safest choice for their daughter. For Akame, she saw it as a once in a life time chance to discover so much more (with an occasional yawn here and there from the grogginess).

Akame Fujiwara ZngeWBG
Goddamnit! Garrit was bored. They haven't come across any jobs as of late and were desperately low on funds. Not that she took it seriously though, money had never been a concept she understood. Her brother always took care of their finances and splurging was a regular habit of hers back at home. So of course she was horrible when it came dealing with money as well as getting paid. Actually if Syl knew what she was doing now, there would be a fountain of blood soon.

Taking out another coin from her pocket, she placed one down to order another drink. As the rather appealing barmaid appeared, she couldn't help, but let out a smile. She had prepared a secret weapon to help her woo the girl. Back as a child, the few non combat skills included playing the lute. Shame she left her favorite one back with her brother. No matter, after stealthily 'borrowing' her friend's money, she bought herself a new one. Sure it was a bit on the expensive side, but desperate times call desperate measures.

This might not be the most ideal place for a serenade, but she thought it was perfect, especially with their room so close. So she began with a simple tune as she began her song of love. Well it was as close to love as she knew, lust and love were almost synonymous in her book. The barmaid was surprised to say the least, but couldn't help but let out a giggle as she realized it was towards her. This only got a wide charismatic grin from Garrit's face.

However just as Icarus flew too close to the fun, she leaned a bit too far on her seat. Thanks to a mix of alcohol of elation, she soon found herself face planting the floor. There was a loud bonk and a solid thunk. Well that was rather embarrassing and the other customers all felt the same. As the laughs got louder, she could feel herself getting redder than before out of embarrassment instead of a buzz. How could it get any worse?
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Approved. You are now a student.

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