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 Tamayori (Finished)

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PostSubject: Tamayori (Finished)   Sun Jun 07, 2015 1:03 pm


First Middle Last Tamayori
FACE CLAIM: Gisela, Blade of Goldnight
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
POSITION:  student
Race: Angel

Tamayori's father was Michael Chief among the warrior angels. He granted her the Angel Aegis a incredibly durable Celestial Shield coveted for it's protective capabilities. However as a Guardian angel it's capabilities to protect are beyond it's normal limits.

The Angel Aegis is a Two meter in Diameter shield. It's a perfect circle, as well as being pure white with only vague hints of golden glyphs circling it's edges. The Shield can not be damaged, or destroyed in anyway. It also absorbs all unwanted kinetic energy presented to it, which keeps the user from being blown back by powerful blows.

Finally the Shield can materialize, and de-materizlize in Tamayori's hands at her will, appearing in a flash of light.
The Angel Aegis can only appear connected to Tamayori's right wrist.

Because it's made indestructible by The Aura of a Guardian Angel it's abilities are also warped. The Sheild is only indestructible, and absorbs attacks so long as it is being used to defend someone other than Tamayori. She can not use it for her own protection.

When Tamayori used the Angel Aegis to defend someone that person becomes Her Charge. This basically means that she becomes their guardian angel and seeks to protect them from all the woes of the world. She develops a deep love for them, and pretty much becomes their servant. That is until she protects someone else, in which case she develops a deep love for that person, and dumps the other.


MISC: Pure White Angel Wings of course

PERSONALITY: Tamayori is eternally calm. She never get irked, or if she does she doesn't show it. Her red eyes always seem to be in contemplation about something. She's kind, and seems motherly to those she'd friends with. To those she's not friends with she seems like a total ice bitch, not bothering to give them even a moment of her time if she can avoid it. She's simply quick to judge people, being a being of pure light she see's minor flaws as major flaws. However is she doesn't see anything wrong with you she treats you fairly, and with respect. Though she is not warm, unless you're actually friends

She's constantly flipping from one human to another showering them with love and protection before moving onto another. She's searching for the person she's suppose to be the guardian of. Even if she doesn't realize it quite yet.

She loves, classical music, gothic aritecture, Pirate books, and movies, the color red, clear skys, meeting new people.

She hates, vice pretty much of any kind. Other than that she doesn't dislike much. Just corruption and loose morals.

SECRET(S): Not as of yet. She'll tell anyone anything they want to know.

FATHER: Michael, who is like god?
MOTHER: Anahel, the guardian
SIBLINGS: Many, Many Angels.

History: Tamayori is that daughter of the Archangel Michael and a common guardian angel. While her father took many wives in his infinite lifespan her mother was by far the lowest ranking Angel among them. This never bother Yori too much as her mother taught her at a very early age the pointlessness of ego. As a guardian angel it was her duty to protect humans from all the woes that the world has to offer. Despite humans being inferior to angels in just about everyway they were to care for them like they were precious treasures. Like young babies. The only way an celestial being could ever find any joy in serving a lesser creature was if they had no concept of their own glory.

By her mother's side she learned humility and the satisfaction of servitude. Together they watched mournfully as the humans got absolutely curb stomped in that global war. It broke their hearts to see their precious ones being destroyed like they were. However they were sealed off from the world at the moment so there really wasn't much that they could do about it. As they looked down at the world Tamayori could feel her father's blood boiling within her. He was a protector too like her mother, only he took a decisively more forceful approach to his brand of protection. That's a nice way to say that he was a warrior who had a flaming sword the length of the jordan river.That was usually a good way to defend people.

Tamayori found herself not wanting to just protect people unseen from the background. She wanted to be on the front lines protecting people in a direct way. She wanted to be their shield against evil, not just the wind in their sails. She didn't want to just be a guardian she wanted to be a warrior!

So when the word came that the Angels were going to move on to earth, well how could she pass that up. She signed up right away to be one of the angels who got to enroll of Midnight academy. When the sky ripped on open and it was time to move onto earth Tamayori could not have felt anymore excited. She left her mother, and her father behind. As she left her mother gave her an order which would become her prime directive while on earth: Be a good Student.

With that order in mind Tamayori set her sights on earth, and Midnight Academy.

While most of her fellow angels took a fairly antagonistic approach to their new classmates. Almost coming to blows even, Tamayori stayed out of that struggle. As a guardian angel she knew good and well what sort of thing that human's could get up to when they were unattended. So while some of the angels were shocked by how the humans behaved she was prepared for it. Some angels thought that they were almost as bad as humans, while this was true in some cases Tamayori held in her heart that man was basically good.

Of course even if she didn't like the humans she couldn't have caused any trouble, she was ordered to be a good student, by her mother. Above all of her personal preferences she had to follow that order before her own interests.

As such Tamayori was quickly recognized as the De Facto leader of the group of angels who wanted to get along with the Humans and help them grow. That's most angels goal's anyway, but these ones took to it easier and with more fantatasism than the others. This made her the natural choice to be the student council member representing the angel student body!


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Tamayori (Finished)
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