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 Wilfred Reed[W.i.P]

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Wilfred Reed

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PostSubject: Wilfred Reed[W.i.P]   Wed Dec 30, 2015 12:23 am


Age: 15 [c]
Gender: Male[c]
race: Devil[c]
Height: 5'6[c]
Weight:  150 Lbs.[c]
Hair: silver[c]
Eyes: blue
[c]Birthday: February 10, 1992

Occupation: Student[c]
Affiliation: WarWolves, Himself[c]
School: Black Mountain High School

Clan: Lucifer[c]
Piece: King[c]
Rank: Illagitamate Heir


Wilfred is mostly a mystery even to those who have known him for years on the exterior most would categorize him as being a delinquent who chooses to ignore rules, and refuses to help others, but beneath that he has shown that he follows a more dark hero kind of path. Strong willed, and courageous Wilfred will not leave others who need help, or forsake the weak. Though a pure blooded devil Wilfred denies most association with them for unknown reasons.

When in battle Wilfred will act as a calm leader showing his experience in battle, and tactics. due to subconsciously suppressing his power Wilfred isn't as prone to relying on demonic power, and will avoid using it until it is necessary, something similar can be said about the use of his gun as he will avoid using that too.

Though not generally afraid of much will has a couple known fears which stem from either his powers, or those around him. Will shows signs of fearing his own power as every time he uses it he hurts someone the first time he fatally hurt another War Wolf, the second killing a group of devils attacking him, and the third which made it necessary to use a evil piece on Freya Von Estwald. Another fear he has is the color red as it put him on edge, and reminds him of the Crimson Beast. Due to not having parents, or siblings that he knows of Wilfred has developed a certain discomfort when alone which reminds him of when he was on the streets fighting for his next meal.

James was a child who was abandoned by his family though not knowing the reasons lived with a relative until he was 8 when he ran away from home, and was picked up by a wandering mercenary who took him in, and taught him many things that a father would teach to his son, and some other things they normally wouldn't like how to shoot a gun, and various methods of close quarters combat including disarming, and disabling a armed assailant. Though he didn't know it at that time he was a devil, and so was the wandering mercenary who recruited him into the Mercenary unit War Wolves although he didn't see any combat until he was 13 he did experience much hand to hand, and firearms experience through sparing matches.

During one of those sparing matches James, and another kid got to heated up, and he almost killed him through the use of his power Annihilator. it wasn't soon after that that he was sent on a mission in command of a squad of 13 others. during the mission they came under attack by numerous devils looking to murder him for unknown reasons, and when he got separated from his unit he was attacked again by Devils this time he was able to kill numerous ones, but not before one screamed at him.

"You Bastard Child Die for the Legitimates Heirs sake."

Confused, and out of bullets he activated Annihilator form on reflex, and wiped both the devils, and forest surrounding them out through the use of a single technique.

"I must control it, and until then, I will never use that power!"

He hollered out loud. That's when two people appeared before them. one was a women, and the other was the man who took him in after he ran away from home.
It wasn't long before the two individuals argued, but that didn't matter to him as he lost consciousness not to long after.

between then, and now he preformed a few different missions for the war wolves, acquired Evil pieces, and gained a few servants.

Demonic Power Lv. 1[c]Annihilator Lv. 1[c]C.Q.C[c]Crimson Beast Lv. 1

Demon Power Lv. 2 [known]
[c]Crimson Beast Lv. 2 [unknown]

Demon Power Lv. 3[Known]
[c]Annihilator Lv. 2 [Unknown]

Demon power Lv. 4 [Known]
Crimson Beast Lv. 3 [Unknown]

Annihilator Lv. 3 [Unknown]
[c]Demon power Lv. 5 [Unknown]

Signature Power: C.Q.C
[c] Most Powerful power: Hells Inferno, Ver 2, 3, & 6.
[c] WIP

  • Though he possesses the power of a high class devil he refuses to access it due to fear of harming others.
  • Annihilation Mode is a Power that the Original Lucifer possessed that was considered his most weakest power.
  • When People see Jimmy he gives the impression that he is a delinquent.
  • Crimson Beast is a Power Which was born from the Lucifer Bloodline Mixing with the Crimson Knights power.
  • The women in his peerage could be considered his Wives, or lovers since he views them as family, but not as if they were from the same bloodlines.

Heroism: 5 [c] Fame: 20 [c] Villainous: 0

Creator: Spirit Weiss
[c]Screen Name:  Spirit Weiss


First Middle Last Wilfred Lucifer Reed
FACE CLAIM: [What is this]
AGE: 16
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual




HEIGHT: 5'10




FATHER: Unknown
MOTHER: Unknown



SAMPLE: Show us an example of what you can do! It can be anything, either from this character or another site. Do not use links.
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Wilfred Reed[W.i.P]
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