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 Suzumiya, Sayuki {WIP}

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PostSubject: Suzumiya, Sayuki {WIP}   Fri May 08, 2015 7:29 pm


I rather have it and not need it, than not have it and need it.

  • FACE CLAIM: Xenovia Quarta (Highschool DxD)
  • AGE: Seventeen.
  • GENDER: Female.
  • ORIENTATION: Heterosexual.
  • POSITION: Student, local.
  • Race: Human Halfbreed. (Human & Angel)

Power / Blessing

Name Here

Emotional SpectrumLightN/AAngelic


A very unique power within the world of today that even the headmaster of the academy acknowledges its potency to be a fearsome power when mastered. The Emotional Spectrum was dubbed by the headmaster and is divided into the seven colors of the rainbow, with each color corresponding to an emotion: rage (red), greed (orange), fear (yellow), willpower (green), hope (blue), compassion (indigo) and love (pink). The absence of color (black) is death, and the combination of colors (white) is life. The two emotions at the ends of the emotional spectrum, rage and love, have a stronger influence over Sayuki once engaged and willpower (at the center of the spectrum) can be used to overcome and control one's emotions.

In correspondence to the weirder Sayuki is quite unseen. Upon activation the user envelops themselves in an aura that glows the appropriate emotion color instantaneously on her body in a sleek-look, visible to the naked eye. The aura acts as a force-field around Sayuki, protecting her from the hazards including filtration of stellar radiation and microscopic particulate matter which would ordinarily be fatal should she ever fly into space debris striking at high speeds. An atmosphere appropriate to the Sayuki's biology is created inside the force-field aura(she can breathe!), body temperature is maintained and any waste products upon her are removed instantly. Gravitational stresses which could cause injury are stabilized for her while also providing the ability to resist the pull of a planet's gravity and navigate through either outer space or a planetary atmosphere; she can fly! Sayuki can only go as fast as 200 mph for the time being when she concentrates. The aura serves as a prerequisite in order to use the ability of the spectrum and may only be activated consciously.

Light Constructs
The power capable of transforming Sayuki's thoughts into physical constructs through the current emotion and the aura coated on her. Sayuki can create any particular items or construct that she can imagine as long as they have the appropriate amount of the emotion necessary to will it into existence. The constructs are made out of light energy of an individual color respectfully, which is a tangible form of the color's pure emotion, and they may exist as long as she is fueling it with the emotion. Items created by Sayuki are not indestructible and are only as powerful as the emotion she is imbedding them with. They also ignore non-beneficial effects that affects them should Sayuki truly will it.

    Effects of the Spectrum
  • Rage (Red): Constructs created by Rage are capable of infecting others with the rage of Sayuki, which can lead to them being converted to abnormal violent behaviors. They require the appropriate amount of rage and Rage Plasma to be formed.
    Effect : Rage Plasma
    Sayuki affected by rage also causes her to vomit plasma(that appears as bright red blood) almost endlessly, which has been described as napalm and acid mixed together, it burns away at almost anything tangible. It can be surmised that is the internal rages effect on the blood. The effect it has on living beings allows it to ignite the flames of rage in a victims' blood and has the effect of burning through an energy aura of an opponent as well as corrupting other powers and depleting them at an accelerated rate and greatly weakening the structures they create. These effects are also carried onto the constructs made of Rage Plasma.
  • Greed (Orange): Constructs created by Greed are capable of mimicking the abilities of others once contact is established and can lead them into being converted to abnormal possessive behavior over even the littlest of things over time. They require the appropriate amount of greed to be formed.
    Effect : Identity Usurpation
    Sayuki becomes obsessed over any being or anything as if they were a priceless trophy and to cope with this she creates an avatar of said beings; dubbed, the Avatars of Avarice. These are constructs of beings or things she desires to own, literally stealing their identity postmortem. These avatars are an avarice-corrupted version of their former self, possessing no thought pattern besides the insatiable greed. In all other circumstances they act as individual but collective soldiers to Sayuki, as they are an extension of her power. Should she kill someone in this state they will become a permanent Avatar of Avarice.
  • Fear (Yellow): Constructs created by Fear may reflect on the fear of others and can lead them into being converted to abnormal paranoia/phobia behavior of the slightest thing over time. They require an appropriate amount of mastery or indication of Fear from others to be created.
    Effect : Instill Fear
    An opponent's fears can be laid bare by delving into their minds from a direct attack of a construct. The power only works on the direct emotion of fear not from Sayuki but from others. This allows her to create the energy constructs of an opponent's worst nightmare. Also, once that fear is exposed, Sayuki's ability allows her to amplify the fear to the point of irrationality and true horror on the part of victim and conversely empowering the construct.
  • Willpower (Green): Constructs created by Willpower are truly constructs without affecting anyone's mental status and will double in power should the emotion of Hope is given by others to Sayuki. They require an appropriate amount of Willpower and concentration to be created.
    Effect : Emotional Symbiosis
    Willpower is the easiest while being difficult enough to keep balance in being a safer way to create constructs by Sayuki and is often more than any emotion used by her when she engages battle. As this color o the emotion helps control her emotions from going out of control when using her ability. However, should the emotion of Hope be recognized by Sayuki in her efforts of creating constructs; they will double in size and power based on the amount Hope she receives per individual.
  • Hope (Blue): Constructs created by Hope cleanse away corrupt or afflicted power upon contact. They require an appropriate amount of Hope to be created.
    Effect : Psionic Regeneration
    The power of Hope is shown as a healing ability to both physical and emotional distresses. This ability is mostly shown a considerable ability to heal the injuries of others or oneself, more so than any other emotion could demonstrate.  
  • Compassion (Indigo): Constructed created by Compassion are able to reproduce the abilities of the spectrum besides Black (Death) and White (Life) based on the emotion of their targets. They require an appropriate amount of Compassion to be created.
    Effect : Lightsmith Mastery
    Should Sayuki every control the emotion of Compassion she is able to wield one of its most special abilities of creating light constructs into formidable weapons for herself or others. Though this is capable through the other light spectrum, Compassion's lightsmithing is unique in the sense of being able to reproduce the other abilities of the entire spectrum including itself (excluding Black & White).
  • Love (Pink/Violet): Constructs created by Love are capable of infecting others with the motion of love towards those they consider a high love interest, which can lead to them being converted to abnormal non-violent romantic behaviors. They require the appropriate amount of Love to be formed.
    Effect : Crystallization
    Love constructs also have a unique power to crystallize others with the power of love. This power is not fully understood but they apparently put the victim in a form of suspended animation that slowly causes those entrapped to love Sayuki uncontrollably.
  • Death (Black): Constructs created by Death are seldom but not limited either. They do require the appropriate amount of Death to be formed.
    Effect : Reanimation
    Upon latching onto a corpse, the constructs may reanimate the body. The power of animating the person within downloads all the memories and ability knowledge (if they had any) of their previous life, but not their souls. However, they are malevolent beings who seek to murder even those they considered friends.
  • Life (White): Constructs created by Life allows an experienced wielder to create objects of colors other than white with their controlled state.
    Effect : Resurrection
    Life have the notable power to bring deceased beings back from the dead and will themselves and others to live.

The aura is a required prerequisite for the abilities to function and must be activated consciously. It does not act as an automatic trigger unless there is an enormous emotional distress already present. Though the aura has unique properties it does not dismiss the fact the user is vulnerable to damage and or effects from other powers. It may remain active for over a long period of time but once disabled requires Sayuki to rest (no combat period but may socialize with some fatigue) equivalent to the amount of time the aura has been active. During its activity she may levitate or fly without limit when it comes to heights and omnidirectional movement but her speed is at maximum of two hundred miles per hour flying.

Light Constructs
The limitations of these constructs are only the imagination and knowledge of Sayuki. However, constructs can only be created only so far away from her at a field of 25m maximum range around her without having to apply more emotion and power behind her constructs before making them true combat skills and techniques. Whereas projectiles can only reach a maximum range of 20m with the speed of 17 miles per hour.

This should be the side-effects that can happen in conjunction with the power. Meaning that these are the things that happens to your character when using and overusing their ability. Does it give your character headaches? Mental/physical drain? Nosebleeds? The need for lots of sleep?

  • HEIGHT: Five foot six. (5'6'' ft.)
  • HAIR COLOR: Blue with a green fringe on the right side on the front.
  • EYE COLOR: Dark yellow / Dull gold.
    Based on her ability her iris may change accordingly to the color of her state of mind and often highlight brightly.

  • MISC: Sayuki stands at exactly five foot six and weighs at one hundred and twenty-four pounds. Her blood-type is B. Due to her bloodline she has two more years left of growth and she already has adult features that are seen in an instant by her face, lips, and body. Often enough her face alone draws in men on a whim as the unusual color of her eyes tend to catch many men in awe as their sleek shape is naturally defined beauty. Sayuki's skin is fair, soft, smooth, and naturally warm. The body she has does not look delicate and packs a serious punch. Unlike most women whom have the body of a model where unkempt fat is at the thighs and under arms Sayuki has lean muscle and a natural pear-like figure with great curves despite not working out as much thanks to her bloodline. Sayuki often opposes to most women who sought out to look gorgeous, Sayuki instead boasts upon her natural beauty and pear shape figure. Starting from the top, Sayuki has a slender upper half, with slim but strong straight shoulders that support her posture, and back well since she has a bust measuring 87 cm(B34). Her arms are slender but have a normal muscle tone to them. As we reach down to her upper thigh, her waist is slender to support her pear shape, measuring at only at 58 cm(22.8 in). Her abdomen is shaped out rather well to display minor detail of the six abdominal muscles in good shape. Her hips remains her most distinctive trait completing her pear shape at 88 cm(35 in), Sayuki's hips are wide and the definition of "child bearing hips". To fit with her hips, she has a plump bottom, possessing a mix of tenderness and firmness enough to..... bounce if needed. Her thighs are firm, smoothly flowing from her hips down to her calves. Her feet fit perfectly into size eights; she is well kept and shaven where needed; her naval is inverted cutely; her nails remain short and are hardly given attention aside its hygiene.

Sayuki is like any other girl when it comes to her emotions, and often tries to rationalize things around herself. She is someone who is down to earth and very mellow throughout her daily life in public view. Behind closed doors and in solitude she is a completely different person underneath. There are many vices in her emotions that distress her and emotions that empower to push away her vices. Because of this Sayuki is often an introvert and likes to spend time alone. Though she is a normal being on the inside; it is clear that everyone has issues. That doesn’t mean she isn’t approachable or wouldn’t mind conversing with others. It is difficult for her to open up about these feelings and what she truly thinks.

Temper temper… Sayuki doesn't really have one luckily. It is often rare for her to even feel the slightest bit of anger towards anyone who doesn't harm her or the things she likes. However, her anger is unquenchable once established and later down the latter she develops hatred if she continues to feel this emotion. A best example is her bloodline, she has developed enough hatred for it as other emotions for it as she was growing up and often doesn't like to use it despite in the pursuit to master it. If hatred isn't enough for it and she can be rid of it then she could easily go down the path of unleashing her wrath without thinking twice. Once again it is lucky for all that she is very hard to anger and often is forgiving. Being irritated is one thing but may lead to anger if strong enough strings are pulled. Please note Sayuki doesn't take drastic measures unless they really hit home.

Mine… There was once a time she felt greed, but for a good reason. Once upon a winter she was eating one of her rare meals and a stray wolf happened to pass by. It began to beg for a share of her meal but Sayuki did not want to share what little she had to the dog. Eventually the same wolf was found later in the night dead in the frozen ground of snow. It was this day she learned the essence of losing something unnecessary. It appeared healthy but it hadn't eaten in days and was too weak to fight for food or attempt to steal from Sayuki. Creatures instinctively don't fight the odds against them… Sayuki has since then shared whatever came her way. Since then her mind thought the only things worth keeping to herself must be the bonds between others that she encounters. Also sweets (don't worry she'll resist a bit but only for a while).

Are you afraid?… The truth is Sayuki is afraid. Afraid of hard obstacles, challenges, new things, destruction, disorder, chaos, and above all herself. She isn't afraid of things that make people go bump in the night. Dangerous ideas are more frightening to her than a physical onslaught since they cannot be dismissed so easily or taken head on to an end. There will always be another. Yet above all she is afraid of her own bloodline to cause her fears to be true. The very nature of her ancestors have give her an unbridled blind fury like no other. She is afraid of losing control of this power within her. The icing on the cake of her fears is to be found out by those she encounter of her being a monster or human. Negligence comes in at number two as she does not want to be abandon and has abandonment issues... Though this is minor, she enjoys seeing others in fear or sensing their fears and this at times frightens her upon realization.

Try again?… Yes! Sayuki's willpower is strong and she isn't one so easily to dismiss her determination. Her will helps her overcome the fears and anger in her mind. It helps her focus on the possible and impossible while. Even if the opponent is ten times stronger she does not hesitate herself so easily and gives it her all at the cost of keeping anyone from doing what she needs to do. She will keep trying, pushing, and reach untill the point she no longer can by means of body, mind, and soul.   

A better tomorrow… Without shape or reason, despite having little to nothing shall Sayuki hold onto hope. After all, since the start she only had hope. It has kept her alive in the past. Without a doubt the idea of having hope is far than richer than any gold coin offered to Sayuki. What's even more beautiful about hope is the fact how well it works with will. Embarking her hopes to become a reality is thankful by her will and vice versa. There will always be faith in Sayuki's heart for many things especially for her own wishes.

This feeling is what she believes to make her human instead of a monster since the day her father died and among other events. Sayuki has a strong empathetic side though she always tries to hide it and never let it interfere with her line of work as a student. It is possibly one of her hardest emotions and harsh vents to manage under unfair circumstances. She has a widely good perception of others and often relates hardships without ever letting other parties knowing how she feels on the inside. It is difficult for her to feel compassion for those who have been fortunate off the bat. Once a bond is created she will be able to understand individuals more and more with each encounter.  

… Possibly one of the strongest and hardest emotion for Sayuki. She is afraid of falling in love with a man because of who she is. She could outlive him, possibly accidentally kill him, or see him die. Often enough she denies herself this one expression to be with another in fear. Though she has a lot of love in her. She'll always want to be beside someone to guard each other and guide each other. Whenever there is someone interested in her she often pushes away their feelings for her and tries to make them forget her in such ways. Even though she wishes to share one love in one lifetime. To follow them on a whim and cherish the time they spend together is what she wants.

SECRET(S): Any secrets your character has that no one (or few) people know about? If there's something you don't want the others to know, you still have to message a staff member about it.

FATHER: First, Last
MOTHER: First, Last
SIBLINGS: (Include your character's siblings here)
WORTHY MENTIONS: Any pets? Any important people?

History: At least 300+ words 600+ if applied for open limited spots

ADULTHOOD: At least two paragraphs please. (You don't need to fill this out if your character is under 18 years old)

SAMPLE: Show us an example of what you can do! It can be anything, either from this character or another site. Do not use links.
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Suzumiya, Sayuki {WIP}
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