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 Ryuto Shozen

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Ryuto Shozen
Ryuto Shozen

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PostSubject: Ryuto Shozen   Sun May 24, 2015 10:55 pm

First Middle Last Ryuto Gitsune Shozen
FACE CLAIM: Kano Shuuya from Kagerou Project
AGE: 500 (appears as a 17 year old)
GENDER: Predominately male, but can be whatever
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual
POSITION: Student, Local
Race: Kitsune

Fox Fire- Kitsune are able to generate and manipulate fox-fire which usually manifests as fire, electricity and/or light. Kitsune who are the main users of this power usually expel it from their mouth or tails.Certain users may be able to use fox-fire  as a form of travel, either by riding the fox-fire or changing into/becoming it. (Lightning as Element)

Shape shifting- Kitsune can shapeshift their form, transforming and reshaping down to the genetic and cellular structure. They can impersonate others or enhance one's body for combat, either by turning into animals, monsters or make the body stronger. The user can only transform into beings or animals they have already seen, but is limited to what they see so they cannot read a book and transform into something by description alone.

As Fox Fire is an ability the Kitsune can use innately, one has to be under their Kitsune form to use. In other words, one must drop any illusion or shape shift in order to utilize this power.

Shape shifting has its own flaws, in which something must be seen in order to transform into. This also flows into them being able to support said weight of the transformation, so a Kitsune in theory could not transform into something that could potentially weigh more than them.


HEIGHT: 5'10
Ryuto's eyes are naturally red, though in a normal human appearance his eyes are slate grey giving them a rather morbid soulless appearance.


Ryuto, for a five hundred year old Kitsune looks not only rough, but also tame at the same time. According to his school records is five foot ten and weighs in at one-hundred and sixty-five pounds. Starting with the basics, his eyes are a slate grey hue which switch if he goes into his monster form to a set of eerie red eyes. His hair however is the oddest thing about him, his hair unlike most of his family is a radiant blond that on occasions sits to his left side and covers his left eye from view and stops at his lower neck in theback. His physical attributes however are what tie him in from the rest. He has a very athletic frame shown when he partakes in his gym class it can be seen that he has a very muscular, yet toned build.

This Junior is a man of many tastes and styles but prefers to keep it simple just because its less of a hassle. The Young Kitsune student has a unique set of styles while being outside of school or inside whether he is relaxing in his classes, doing important business or well just doing what he wants. Although the styling of his clothes vary between during school and outside of school, there are two manners in which he wears it, one being for well school and the other for laxed.

Starting off with his head, Kura sports a naturally messy head of blond hair which is predominately heavier on the left side meaning that his left side is a bit longer than the right which is only noticeable when he tilts his head to the left or leans downward. His eyes are both an eerier and very intoxicating slate grey color. Moving down to his torso area, covering his chest he wears a black jacket that is which is always unzipped showing the black shirt underneath. Adorned on this jacket is a set of white circles that sit on the hood of his jacket. Lastly he wears a set of black pants and black shoes.

Now although the for school style has a more modern look donning a black half sleeved jacket,a black t-shirt and blue jeans, the way he wears the clothing when he is more relaxed is different. Sticking to his more traditional style, Ryuto wears a green and black stripped Yukata outside of his class, often walking around the school grounds in it for convenience. .


Perhaps the first things that people notice about Ryuto is that he is an outrageously curious person, causing the simplest of things to be blown into a full scale fiasco merely because he put his nose in a place it did not belong. As such he greatly enjoys learning new things and living through new and unique experiences. He enjoys doing anything that may increase his knowledge base. He also finds delight in puzzles, seeking the solutions frantically and even after finishing them; he may do them several more times just to prove mastery over them. Perhaps as a result of his aforementioned curiosity, he is extremely intelligent.

One of the smartest minds within his previous order, he has been called as a genius. But the ever modest one, he would deny it. He knows, what he knows. He does not openly brag about his knowledge, nor does he openly give it away, preferring to only display said knowledge when needed. Largely due to his massive curiosity he actively seeks to always increase his knowledge base and because of such it is incredibly rare to find him without a book or scroll of which he will examine every character of in an attempt to gain any and all information from the material.

Ryuto could only be defined as the trickster. He loves to play games, more so he loves to play games with other beings. A little extra chaos always makes the world a brighter place in his eyes. He has always been the prankster and the practical joker; although many find his jokes to be...less than funny. As such he is very sly and cunning so much so, that he often believes he can talk his way out of anything, but more often he only manages to talk himself into more trouble. He often enjoys games of any sort, but his stubborn nature often makes him more than unwilling to accept defeat and will often cheat or bewilder his opponent if it means he can walk away the victor. Although this is one of the few traits that he kept over as a Kitsune, It is one of his most arguably strangest traits that he has that doesn't try to fight.

Ryuto's Hoshi no tama takes the form of a pocket watch which he keeps chained to his belt or in his pockets at all times. One of his main quirks deal with people rubbing his tails, because of the fact that it makes him not only less hostile, but also more likely to act like a common house pet.

FATHER: Nura Shozen
MOTHER: Nanohara Shozen
WORTHY MENTIONS: His Goddess, Inari


As a child he lived a simple life at the shrine working and tending care to the shrine itself and its surrounding areas in the mountain. As a Kitsune he was raised to keep his identity a secret from the humans that would venture into the mountains to come to their family shrine for the hot springs that they provided. Ryuto had forever been a curious creature of nature often being caught by his mother peeking in on the humans as they bathed and went about having their own fun for which he was scolded, his mother telling him that humans were nothing to be curious about.

Despite her words he continued to study them and learn more about them. As time went on, he had made his first human friend who believed that he was human. The two of them soon became good friends and began going to the same grade school without the knowledge of him being a monster. Before long he and the boy could be seen running up and down the mountains playing and having all sorts of adventures, but those times were sure to end. One day before his birthday he had decided to show the boy he trusted with everything else his secret, transforming into a humanoid fox. Astonished and scared the boy ran off from the mountain, which Ryuto had been saddened about. After running home and telling his mother the whole story, she would have not only scolded him but told him that humans would never truly be friends with monsters.

As time went on Ryuto developed a habit that Kitsune that did not follow the will of Inari fell to, tricking or deceiving humans. While his family was against seeing humans, Ryuto was set on having his own fun with them even if it had upset his Goddess and family. One after another he continued to terrorize and prank the villagers that had lived down the mountain from his shrine, resorting to his shape shifting powers to get what he had wanted before discarding his trash.

After so many years of causing problems and eventually killing someone due to an unfortunate accident, his family decided to take care of the issue once and for all. His mother and father had conjured up a plan in which they had tricked Ryuto into leaving the temple, but used their own magic in order to change the surrounding mountain area into a misty plane. Eventually he had came about returning to the shrine as predicted and sealed inside of it until they had deemed it fit to release him.

After four centuries of being imprisoned in a shrine that become a commodity of Japan, Ryuto's imprisoning seal broke freeing him into the world. As if his parent's did not see this coming, they offered him the choice of either going to a place that would hopefully curb his chaotic ways or imprison him. Taking the lesser of the two options, he was enrolled into the academy.


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Ryuto Shozen
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