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 Assama Sukai [W.I.P.]

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Assama Sukai

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PostSubject: Assama Sukai [W.I.P.]   Mon May 25, 2015 10:02 am

Assama Grace Sukai
FACE CLAIM: Sakura Haruno
AGE: 16
GENDER: Female
Race: Animal-Like Being

POWER OR BLESSING: Animal Infusion

Assama when born was infused with the DNA of an animal making her an animal-like being allowing her to transform into the animal who's DNA is infused with her. However she also gained the ability to tap into that animal's abilities and while not in her animal form use the animal's ability. A passive ability that goes along with this (that Assama doesn't have to activate) is some senses that the animal has such as the eyesight and sense of smell as a cheetah. The only real reason for this power is so that if Assama wants to tap into her animal powers but her animal self can't do the certain task she wants to do because of the form of the animal, then her ability would come in handy.


When Assama transforms into her animal self, she can use the animal's power much easier. When she uses her animal infusion it takes up more concentration and energy then when transforming into her animal self. For Assama, it is just much easier to transform into her animal self since it is a part of her.


When her animal infusion is used too much, it will make her extremely tired. She would either have to drink a whole lot of drinks with caffeine or get tons of rest in order to get her energy back up so it is not wise to tap into this ability for too long.


MISC: She has another appearance whenever she transforms into her animal form.

PERSONALITY: Assama is a really nice person. She tries to be nice to everyone she meets but there's still sometimes those really annoying people that just get on Assama's nerves and those people that are just plain rude. Those people Assama may be not so nice to. Assama is very loyal. She would do anything to protect anyone. She doesn't care if it puts her life on the line. If it means saving somebody else from harm or death then she would do it. Assama is also highly intelligent. She loves to read and she especially loves school. She thinks that she is probably one of the only people, er, organisms that likes school. Learning has always come easy to Assama although she can get easily distracted by something her animal senses picks up. Assama is also very imaginative. Her mind will take her many places. This can sometimes happen during class but somehow she still seems to remember what the teacher said.


FATHER: Joshuah Sukai
MOTHER: Ameria Sukai
SIBLINGS: Sasha Sukai

History: Assama was born into a home somewhere far off isolated from many people. Her family did not want to get into any conflict and really loved nature. They wanted to connect with nature as much as possible. That meant living alongside nature too. Assama grew up playing in the fields and climbing trees almost not having a single care in the world.


SAMPLE: Kelly walked in Camp Half-Blood over to the stables. She knew that she could talk to pegasi being a daughter of Poseidon and all. She wondered how far the news has gotten that a child of the Big 3 came to camp. She walked into the stables and took out an apple she got from the mess hall earlier. She walked up to the pegasus she enjoyed talking to the most. She has only spent 1 day at the camp and the first thing she did after the tour was again visit the stables. She talked to some of the pegasi there and decided that she personally liked Butterscotch the most. She was a sweet pegasus. She walked up to the palamino coated pegasus and said, "I got you something from the mess hall." Kelly gave Butterscotch the apple and she ate it gladly. With a neigh Kelly understood the pegasus said, "How about some sugar cubes?" Kelly rolled her eyes and took out a few from her pocket and let Butterscotch eat them. Kelly enjoyed being around her. Since she hasn't made any friends yet at camp, Buttetscotch was the only thing that could keep her mind off of her mother's death.
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Assama Sukai [W.I.P.]
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