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 Seijuuna Haikyuuren ||W I P||

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Seijuuna Haikyuuren
Seijuuna Haikyuuren

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PostSubject: Seijuuna Haikyuuren ||W I P||   Wed Jun 03, 2015 3:17 am

First Middle Last Seijuuna Haikyuuren
FACE CLAIM: Hirasawa Yui - K-On!/K-On!!
AGE: 15
GENDER: Female
Race: God


Seijuuna is able to make a weapon made of light though there is supposed to be light around her to be able to make a certain weapon. The name itself, doesn't actually mean that she can create light.


The weapon that Seijuuna made out of light will disappear after 5 posts, a weapon can only be made if there is light. The range of the weapon made depends. This ability can only be used thrice a thread if overused by one or two times more then the user will be likely to be weak and ill for two months but if over used by 3 times or more, Seijuuna will die.

Can only be used thrice a thread if overused by one or two times more then the user will be likely to be weak and ill for two months but if over used by 3 times or more, Seijuuna will die.



PERSONALITY: Seijuuna is a carefree and eccentric teenage girl. Always looking for fun, she is fearless; anxiety is unknown to her. She likes everything cute and makes a lot of physical contact with others like holding hands or hugging. She also loves everything sweet. Though it isn't that much of an obvious personality of her, Seijuuna is quite smart, she just doesn't show it that much since she thinks that being smart is too boring.

She thinks of animals as the cutest living thing in the world, of course even the not so cutest ones according to others are also cute for her. She treats insects the same as she treats animals, she thinks highly of them.

Seijuuna always thinks positive but she can be realistic at times and thinks negative. She is very optimistic and she is mostly seen smiling even when feeling sad, she still is positive and doesn't hold any hatred for anybody.

She will never lie and will only speak of the truth since she does believe that honesty is the best policy. She will only question a question if it is her enemy that she is speaking to or if the question is either too personal or the person that asked the question isn't in the position to know the answer. Seijuuna's vocabulary is vast though, she doesn't spend her time too much on books. She thinks before she acts. Seijuuna knows how on how to sing too, everyone could but she's a good singer. Only, she doesn't show to anybody that she can sing.

Most of her personality is shown through her childish nature, as well as her fighting style. She is impulsive, naïve, and innocent, but when necessary, she can be serious and dependable. She doesn't like to be the center of attention. She does not lack social skills, but has problems when meeting new people. This is mostly because of her childish nature and lack of social grace, as she can be bad-mannered (only out of ignorance) and sometimes speaks without thinking. However, because of her enthusiastic personality, she can become very good friends with people who share her enthusiasm. While she may occasionally act without thinking, sometimes she seems to understand the situation better than others.

When in battle she doesn't give up that easily and keeps on fighting. She fights fair and doesn't underestimates her opponent and never will she. Seijuuna is always ready to die in a battle. Seijuuna seems reckless and impulsive, attacking on sight instead of thinking the situation through beforehand.

Seijuuna likes tea and sweets especially strawberry cheesecake since it helps her keep relaxed.

She doesn't like animals she loves them, their cute and cuddly appearance makes Seijuuna be warm and kind to them and she often feeds it with food whenever she sees one. She also like insects since they help the environment.

Guys with long hairs are the guys that she finds cute and handsome at the same time and prefers them than guys with short hair or medium hair.

Another thing that Seijuuna love the most other than animals is music. Music lets her forget about her past and it motivates her to keep on moving forward and not turn back from the horrible, terrible and devastating past she once had.

It isn't pretty obvious but Seijuuna loves to play chess, it makes her think clearly while playing the board game, chess.

Fighting an animal or when the animal is the opponent is something that Seijuuna couldn't handle because she'll just either run away or forfeit from the fight. Though, there are times that she did try to fight but ended up losing anyways because of her love towards these creatures. At the same time this is also her greatest fear.

Kids that doesn't have any appreciation on what their parents are giving to them are just real annoying and spoiled brats. Her patience and calmness may be provoked because of those kind of children, she usually threatens them (in which is just a thing to scare them) with a disguise, of course.

SECRET(S): She can sing.

FATHER: Unknown
MOTHER: Unknown
WORTHY MENTIONS: A wolf named - Cloud

History: At least 300+ words 600+ if applied for open limited spots


SAMPLE: (This is my RP Sample on Magi World)
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Seijuuna Haikyuuren ||W I P||
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